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Basic Tutorial On How To Make AMV s with WMM

aight even though most of the tutorials here r for sigs and colorings with photoshop. i wanted to make a tutorial for amvs to stop the "hi i am a newb and how do u make amvs?" questions. This tutorial will help noobs get started on the basics of amv making. i was also thinking of making a tutorial for premiere for the people who have outgrown WMM, but for now its gunna be WMM


EDIT : Here's Part 1 : Getting Started

First and obviously u gotta open up WMM, if u dont kno where it is, it shud be in Start > Programs and its either in accessories or in the list like this

Now this is the WMM interface.

its not as impressive as vegas or premiere but its much more simple.

Now we want to import some clips of our favorite anime of NARUTO!!

one of the good things about WMM is that u can import the whole episode. in vegas and premiere they wont accept DivX or XviD files

this might take a while so just kill some time while waiting.

now u shud have a number of clips like so

u will probably have like 10x more clips than me becuase i didnt feel like importing the whole episode so i just cut out a part with virtualdubmod and imported that.

STEP 2 : Audio and Transitions

Aight so u got your clips and now what? well we gotta get some music so go to the 'Import Audio or Music' right here

search for your mp3 or wav or whaterever file and wait for it to import. since it is a song, it shud take like 2 seconds to completely import. now drag your music file onto to the timeline like so make sure to put it on the 'Audio/Music' not the 'Audio' above it.

now for the clips. do the same and drag the clips onto the timeline like the audio. if u were to play it right now, u would probably hear ur song and ur clip's audio (ex. story of the year singing and naruto yelling dattebayo.)
now we dont want that so simple right click on the clips audio track and click on 'Mute'

now if u play it, u shud only hear the audio u imported.

now for transitions and effects. most people new to video editing will only think of effects. transitions r just as important. a transition is the effect between clips (ex. a basic clip fades into another clip)

To make a simple fade transition, put two clips next to each and click on the 'View Video Transitions'

here's where the transitions r. u can view the transitons by clicking on them and pressing play. scroll down to the fade transition and drag onto the timeline
now if u were to watch it, at the end of your first clips it will fade into the next clips. Let's say u wanted it to fade eariler and longer. this is really simple just drag the second clip more over the first clip like so let's say i didnt want the fade transition any more. instead i want the circle transition. so i go to the circle transition and drag it over on top of the fade transition.


STEP 3 : Effects and Trimming Clips

WMM doesnt have spectacular effects like premiere and vegas do. it has simple ones like : fade out to white,greyscale (black&white),brightness increase,etc.

there r two ways to add video effects. u can do it like the transitions and go to the 'View Video Effects' or u can use the way thats much more faster. simply right click your clip and select video effects

if u do go this way u will get a window like this :

here u can easily add or remove the effects to your liking.

Now onto trimming your clips. a simple way to split your clip is select the clip u want by clicking it and hovering your mouse on the edge of the clip till ur mouse turns into this drag this over to the desired length till the clip is trimmed.
now the most accurate method of trimming a clip is stop your video at the point u want it to be split at and the press the split button this will split your video into two clips. if u split it and watched it like that, then u would see no difference. because the end frame of your first is the beginning frame of your second clip. now u do what u want with it

STEP 4 : Making Titles and Exporting/Saving your final video

lets start with the titles. i'm sure u have seen some really cool videos with awesome titles with shining text and all that stuff. hate to disappoint u, but with WMM u can only make basic titles. but u dont always to make flashy titles to have a good video. what if u had a great opening scene with all these fancy titles and your main video was a piece of shit...anyway moving on to make titles click the 'Make titles or Credits' when it comes up with the menu for 'Make titles, Make Credits, Make Title at end of video,etc. ignore that stuff and click whichever u want. u can pick where u want to place the title at anytime. Click 'Change Animation' to view various animations for the titles. pick the one u want and then click 'Change the text and font color' tweak the settings to your likings and then click 'Edit Title Text' and type your text.

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